The Visionary & Her Driver
Joyce Hicks

After purchasing the building in 2006, I was sharing my vision for the cotton gin with some friends. I want it to be about creativity, inspiration, innovation, but still pay homage to the physical location, the cotton gin and that's when Steve Murphy said, "Joyce, why don't you call it Cotton Ginnovations." And this was just the beginning.

My philosophy has always been, God the creator made us to create. As founder and co-ower of Blooms in downtown Hattiesburg, He gave me a way to channel my creativity and to be surrounded by inspiration. But when life's journey led me back to Sumrall God had bigger plans in mind. 

My motto has always been, "I'm just a little country girl from Sumrall and I'm here to learn." Learn I have. I purchased the building in 2006 and while my vision for the building has been consistent -- a place where all things creative happen -- an endeavor like this is no easy feat.

The plans for The Gin have finally aligned. And it will be a great honor to open the doors to the public on November 5, even in its most primitive state!

To those of my friends who've been hearing about this for quite some time, I look forward to sharing this momentous day with each of you. And to those of you I've not met yet, I await the opportunitywith great anticipation.

Be Inspired,
Joyce Hicks


Adrienne Hicks Garanich

"Sometimes 'right back where you started from' is right where you belong." Here in South Mississippi is right where I belong. 

My mom, Joyce, is definitely the visionary behind Cotton Ginnovations. I'm so blessed to just be a driving force in the background. It is an honor to work along side my mother who never ceases to amaze me. 

Through Blooms we have really had a chance to connect with some incredible local artists. There is no doubt that God's hands are guiding our every move and that The Gin is the beginning of something greater than what either of us could have expected.

Just like Blooms, Cotton Ginnovations at The Gin is about inspiring creativity and innovation. We look forward to welcoming you to a place of history spirited with creativity.

Be Creative,

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